Why I’m Not with Him

The American people voted Donald Trump to be president on Nov. 8.

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The American people voted Donald Trump to be president on Nov. 8.

Courtney Kushnir

In this election, it seems a voter faces the decision between the lesser of two evils: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Both candidates have their flaws, certainly. But I think that when it comes down to it, Trump is the more flawed of the two.

  1. Trump has no government experience.

As Clinton pointed out in the third presidential debate on Oct. 19, while she was “in the situation room during the Osama bin Laden raid, Trump was hosting celebrity apprentice.” Donald Trump, who hasn’t even  held a city council position, expects to jump right as the next commander in chief.

  1. He does not take advice.

He has an entire group of people working on his campaign, yet look at his track record. He’s calling women pigs and using words that are barely words, like “bigly.” Or maybe it was “big league”? I guess we may never know.

  1. He is sexist.  

He has no idea of what many women go through on a daily basis, whether they are getting catcalled on the street or being sexually assaulted in their home or workplace. He frequently makes sexually aggressive and sexist comments about them. A tape was recently released from 2005 in which Trump was recorded saying that he could do anything to women because of his fame, even grabbing them by a certain body part that will not be named here.

  1. It’s not just women he insults.

Trump consistently insults and misrepresents minority groups. Most recently, he insinuated that black people all live in inner cities. He has called Mexicans rapists and criminals frequently in discussion of the big, beautiful wall he plans to build on the dollar of the same people who he calls these terrible names. If Trump used his rhetoric to speak to me on a speed date, I would not deem him fit for a second date. When he uses that rhetoric to large crowds at his rallies and in debates, I certainly don’t deem him fit to be president.

An inexperienced, sexist and racist candidate is someone I cannot support to be president.

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