Junior Council sets deadlines for Coffeehouse

Arielle Hutchinson

The junior class met to discuss preparations for upcoming exit sales, the Toy Drive, Christmas grams and Coffeehouse deadlines. The council encouraged class members to continue donating to exit sales, the next one being Dec. 8. Junior Felicia Aschettino of West Long Branch is in charge of coordinating the Toy Drive, an event that wad sponsored by the class of 2018 last year on behalf of the Red Cross. The toy drive will start at the PSFA event, Mingle and Jingle, on Dec. 1 and will run during lunchtime the week of Dec. 12. The week of Dec. 16, the class will be selling Santa Sleighs, Christmas grams done last year by the class. Parents will also have the option to buy them at Mingle and Jingle. Deadlines were set for Coffeehouse, the major event sponsored by the junior class. All printed materials and donations must be either completed or assigned by Dec. 2. Tickets will be sold for $8 during lunch the week of and $10 at the door. Everyone will have the option to bring in three cans as part of a food drive to get $2 off their ticket. Coffeehouse is set for Dec. 9.