Sophomores sell t-shirts for Winter Ball 2017

Marissa Ho

The Class of 2019 is adding something new to this year’s Winter Ball:. t-shirts are being sold to fundraise for the dance and the class until Dec. 12.

The grey t-shirt features a teal wolf design on the front of the shirt to represent this year’s theme, Northern Lights, with past Winter Ball themes on the back.

“It was just an idea of something to start, something different, and so they decided to put it together and see how it takes off. And the idea is to incorporate all of the Winter Balls that the current students here at CHS have possibly been to from freshman through senior year,” Jeanine Gomez, science teacher and co-adviser of the Class of 2019, said..

Class of 2019 Treasurer Connor Martin of Spring Lake Heights said that the money from the sold shirts “are going to fund any expenses we have for Winter Ball, like the DJ, or any of the other activities the Class of 2019 does over the next few years.” Martin says that the class expects to sell 61 shirts.

“I’m hoping for a hundred, personally,” Martin said.

Despite enthusiasm from the sophomore council, not all students, including junior Brigid Garrett of Wall,  think that the t-shirts are a good idea for the whole school.

“I think it’s cool to have within the sophomore class, but I feel like for like the rest of the school, like I don’t really see why they’d buy it,” Garrett said. Garrett said she wishes the Class of 2018 sold Winter Ball t-shirts for their grade last year.

According to the order paper given to students on Monday, Dec. 5, the shirts are expected to be delivered on Jan. 3 and can be bought for $15. Winter Ball will be held on Jan. 6.