Lunchtime photo booth raises awareness of teen suicide

Mary Kate Cashman

CHS students wore blue on Wednesday, Nov. 30 to raise awareness of teen suicide. Students had the opportunity to  take pictures in the cafeteria in front of a blue wall holding signs that said, “You Are Not Alone.” They were encouraged to post their picture on social media to raise awareness of the cause.

One of the event organizers, senior Mark DiSpigna of Lincroft, said he thinks the photo booth impacted the way people view suicide awareness because it involved groups of students.

“People are more likely to do things when they’re with their friends,” DiSpigna said. “We thought the photo booth would be a great idea because then people can share the pictures on social media.”

The photo booth was organized by the Eunoia Project in conjunction with the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide. DiSpigna said that the Eunoia Project has several members who are student representatives at the SPTS, who were able to bring their ideas here to school.

While DiSpigna hopes the whole school will eventually participate, he was pleased with the turnout for the photo booth and the amount of pictures he saw posted.

“Seeing the amount of people who posted the pictures really made a great impact because I wasn’t expecting the amount of people who took the pictures to actually post them.”