Forensics class takes trip to State Crime Lab


Sarah Lynch

The second period Forensics class visited the State Crime Lab in Hamilton, N.J.

Phoebe Drummond

The second period forensics class attended a trip to the State Crime Lab in Hamilton, N.J. on Dec. 1. Forensics teachers Erin Wheeler and Leah Morgan chaperoned the trip.

“The purpose was to see forensics in real life action and the kids loved seeing all the things they learned put to real use by professionals in a lab,” Morgan said.

This was the first time CHS forensics students went on this trip. Wheeler had a contact that was able to get the class a tour. The second semester forensics class will also take a trip to the lab in the spring, Morgan said.

The trip to the lab was free, but students had to pay $21 in order to cover the busing fee.

Senior and forensics student Annie Ruoff of Monmouth Beach had a positive experience on the trip.

“We got to learn about the different areas that they examine there like ballistics and criminalistics, drugs, anthropology and just put what we were learning in class into a real life perspective,” Ruoff said. “It was a lot of fun, and I think it was very informative.”