“Settle for More” incites action and inspires readers


Photo obtained through Creative Commons through fair use.

Izzy Cavazzoni

From a young age, my mother instilled in me that as a woman, I can do anything I set my mind to. She also pointed me to who would be my role model for the next four years and counting: Megyn Kelly, someone who personifies feminism, though she may never outwardly say it.

As a woman who speaks her mind and stands up for her beliefs, Kelly introduced me to the realm of politics I hardly acknowledged. Her journalistic endeavors and hard-hitting presidential debate questions in the first Republican primary debate pushed me to dig deeper into my own beliefs. This very scene of the debate and my political awakening is exactly where her new novel, “Settle for More,” takes off, launching readers into Kelly’s clash with President-elect Donald Trump: “Debate day: August 6, 2015. I woke up in Cleveland, excited for what was to come.”

My first impression: Kelly’s style of writing is brazenly simple and personal. The prologue, entitled “Tough Questions,” takes no prisoners as she finally shares her experience of the day that turned her life around for more than a year. With short, declarative sentences and strategically placed dialogue fragments, Kelly creates an intimate relationship with her readers.

Not only does Kelly offer insight in her political career, but she also shows the trials and tribulations in her life as a young woman. She was not always the strong, independent spitfire many people see her as today. In fact, her bold personality can be attributed to the incessant bullying she had to endure as a pre-teen, the death of her father, the heartbreak caused by her ex-boyfriend Jim and the sexism she endured in her workplace.

“Here I was working tirelessly at this firm because I wanted him to see me as a future associate,” Kelly said. “He went on to tell me how attractive I was, just his son’s type and would I consider dinner out with the two of them?”

It was this moment, in her former employer’s office, that Kelly realized she would struggle to get men to take her seriously. As a law student, Kelly’s peers called her “Barbie.” Yet this kind of sexism only pushed her to work harder and prove them wrong.

“You think I’m a ditz?” Kelly wrote. “Stand by.”

“Settle for More” is an eye-opening epic into Megyn Kelly’s life. Her determination, strength and ability to never take no for an answer urged me to continue to pursue my dreams, and if all else fails, “I will have accomplished the satisfaction of attempting.”