DJ Fridays bring turntables and tunes


Kate Ridoux

Radio club member and junior Cole Raymond of Middletown DJs during lunch on Oct. 14.

Caroline Monaghan

It is the typical Friday lunchtime at Communications High School. There are club meetings, studying and something different: a student DJ.

Friday lunchtime DJs have become something regular at CHS since the 2015-16 school year. Radio teacher Bill Bengle first proposed the idea of DJ Fridays to the Radio Club council.

“Mr. Gleason saw a DJ come for a dance and said, ‘Why don’t you find some equipment similar to that?’ I figured, ‘Alright, well, it would be silly to have this equipment sitting around just for dances’,” Bengle said.

Bengle said any student can become a Friday lunchtime DJ.

“You don’t even have to be in Radio Club. You just have to come, sign up, learn the equipment and bring some music to show your skills on Fridays,” Bengle said.

Junior Abigail Karl of Monmouth Beach DJed once in November.

“I decided to be a lunch DJ because I’ve always loved music, and DJing is something that I’ve always wanted to try. So why not?” Karl said.

Sophomore Nikolai Held-Mares of Keyport felt that DJing was “occasionally stressful” in the beginning.  

“Once you get the hang of it, it is kind of relaxing and it feels nice [that] you’re doing something for other people,” Held-Mares said.

Emma Wilenta of Wall said she loves the weekly DJs.

“It makes me happy to see everyone singing and dancing together. It’s something that makes CHS special,” Wilenta said.