Makeup is about confidence and inclusion


Juan Eduardo De Cristofaro

Students wear make up for many different reasons, including to feel more confident.

Lauren Spiezia

News flash: people wear makeup for multiple reasons, not just the need for other people’s approval.

Since the ancient Egyptian tradition of wearing kohl eyeliner, the beauty industry has widened to cater to people from both sexes. This growth proves the fact that people have different cosmetic concerns and thus, wear makeup for their own personal needs.

The average makeup-wearer spends about $15,000 on cosmetics throughout their lifetime, according to budgeting website The products that can make up this sum include various face, eye and lip products.

This myriad of items is found in cosmetic stores around the world; the main question remains as to why people choose to use these products.There is no one direct answer to this, as every person’s reasoning is different.

Junior Abigail Coneeny of Sea Girt said, “I wear makeup because I feel much more put together and elegant when I do, which in turn affects how I act and present myself.”

In our world, you are more likely to succeed if you exude confidence and present yourself in the best way possible. Makeup is useful to many people to help achieve that.

Whether it be to cover up a small imperfection or highlight a lovable feature, makeup gives anyone the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty for school, work or anyplace else. The makeup industry has diversified and widened to encompass people of all needs and wishes.

Another result of the growth of the cosmetics department is the recent push for the acceptance of makeup-wearing men. Refinery29 reported that CoverGirl Cosmetics recently announced their new spokesperson, male teenaged makeup guru James Charles. Other companies have followed suit in the inclusion of both sexes in their public marketing. Makeup never comes with a label marked “female only,” and we must discourage discrimination against males that also have every right to purchase cosmetics.

I say to my fellow makeup-lovers – no matter your gender or reasons to use cosmetics – may your eyeliner wings always be even and your bronzer always be blended.