Climate change deniers: check the evidence


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Polar ice caps are affected by Earth’s increasing temperatures.

Colin Martin

The issue of climate change is a divisive one in the United States. Curiously though, it did not come up as frequently in the recent presidential debates as other topics such as immigration or trade, despite being just as crucial to the nation and the world.

Despite the fact that, according to NASA, 97 percent of scientific papers that took a stance on climate change agreed that it was caused by humans, we as a country are still divided on this issue.

There are several arguments against man-made climate change. The first comes from a website called, run by climatologist Cliff Harris and meteorologist Randy Mann. They created a chart which essentially argues that climate change has fluctuated in the past, and will eventually reverse itself in the future.

There are a few arguments against this chart. For one, Harris is not actually a scientist. The article “Climate Change Has Happened Before, So Why Worry?” by the Education for Sustainable Development debunks the very theory that the two support. The article states that while the climate has fluctuated a lot in the past, there have always been obvious natural causes for those changes. This time, there are not.

The second argument comes from Dr. Roy Spencer, a former NASA scientist and climatologist, who argues that if scientists were to look hard for a natural cause of climate change, they would find it easily. Spencer’s position is based on the idea of the earth’s “climate sensitivity”, or how radically the earth reacts to changes. Spencer’s argument essentially states that earth’s climate sensitivity is not as high as scientists believe, meaning that the changes would be caused naturally rather than by humans.

Whatever your position on climate change is, it should be in the best interests of every person on this planet to make sure that our home, this earth, stays safe. For this reason, we need to make an effort to be united in the cause of saving the planet. The best way to do this, is to pay attention to who you vote for in public elections. Everyone’s best chance at saving the planet is to get public officials who understand and support ending climate change. So pay attention to your local politics, and vote to end climate change and to save our planet.