Bagels are spread across CHS for Finals


Cate Escueta

PSFA volunteers packing the bagel breakfast this Thursday before final exams.

Julianne Sackett

300 bagels, 150 packets of cream cheese and 300 containers of butter greet students in the cafeteria eight mornings each school year.

For both days of midterm and final exams, the Parent Student Faculty Association (PSFA) provides free food, juice and water for all CHS students before the start of students’ morning tests. Bagels are ordered through Wall Township District, who receives them from Hot Bagel Bakery in Oakhurst according to the PSFA hospitality committee.

Co-president of the PSFA Jody Sackett believes there is a very clear reason for why the bagels have been distributed year after year.

“The idea behind it is that all students will be given a nutritious breakfast before they take those grueling exams,” Sackett said.

According to Sackett, The bagels are courtesy of the hospitality branch of the PSFA. Volunteers from this committee dedicate their time to assemble the morning treats and then distribute them on exam mornings. Dania Bruneau is one of three co-chairs of hospitality for the PSFA and organizes the bagel breakfasts.

“Four to five parents get to CHS at 6:15 p.m. and we bag up knives napkins, butters, cream cheese and bagels in time for students’ arrival,” Bruneau said.

Junior Grace Maloney of Middletown relies heavily on the bagel breakfast, and has for years.

“I usually don’t have time to eat in the morning, but with exams I know I should. I count on the PSFA’s bagels every year,” Maloney said.

The tradition is kept alive thanks to the PSFA’s fundraising events throughout the year. Students will be able to receive their annual bagel breakfast, before exams this Thursday and Friday.