Weber leaves as Fallon returns


Cate Escueta

Mr. Weber helps a student during his last weeks of teaching at CHS.

Cailey Ruderman

As the second semester of the 2016-17 school year came to a close, CHS said goodbye to long-term substitute Ryan Weber and welcomes back art teacher Laura Fallon from maternity leave.

Fallon has been on maternity leave since last March and returned to begin the second semester after 10 months away.

Fallon had been the teacher for Introduction to Design and Advanced Design classes, which Weber substituted for. During his time at CHS, Weber also taught an Animation class.

In total, Weber has been substituting for similar classes for “five or six years throughout college, in schools all over New Jersey,” but Weber said he greatly appreciates his time at CHS.

“I love it here. The students are great,” Weber said.

Fallon and Weber worked closely during the transition between classes last year.

“Before I came in, we met twice, and I came in and observed. We email each other periodically, and we plan to meet up before she comes back.” Weber said.

Fallon is eager to return to teaching classes this upcoming semester.

“I am looking forward to getting back to my classroom. Room 145 is my home away from home and teaching at CHS is a big part of who I am,” Fallon said.

Sophomore Rebecca Rippon of Ocean took an Introduction to Design class with Weber first semester and said she is sad to see him go.

“I’m really upset about it. Mr. Weber is a great teacher. He made Intro to Design fun and interesting, and totally changed my mindset about the class,” Rippon said.

Now that his time at CHS is coming to a close, Weber knows that he will continue to teach Design in other schools.

Weber says that he has “a class pitched at the School of Visual Arts in their continued education department.” With regards to the  Monmouth County Vocational School District, he plans “to stick around and sub, and keep his hand in the community for a while.”