NHS plans annual blood drive

Marissa Ho

The National Honor Society (NHS) will be hosting the annual Blood Drive on Feb. 28. The event is in collaboration with Central Jersey Blood Center, said math teacher and adviser Justine Lane.  

“The event will occur from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. busses that will be parked in front of the school. Juniors, seniors, family members, and faculty are welcome to donate,” said Lane.

All students interested in the Blood Drive must also meet the following requirements: weigh at least 120 lbs., have personal ID, be healthy and have a sufficient iron level. Students must also have a signed parental consent form given to Lane by Feb. 24.

Lane said that usually 80 people sign up to donate for the Blood Drive, but usually 60-70 people can actually donate due to not meeting requirements. Alex Paredes, the senior chair for Blood Drive, said that she hopes that 75 people would be able to participate this year.

“It’s a really great cause. If you’re in NHS, it’s a good opportunity to get points and help out. But if you’re not, you get to save three lives and you get to tell people that you saved three lives in your life,” Paredes said.