Drake’s new playlist disappoints

Drakes newest album More Life features 22 songs.

Wikimedia Commons

Drake’s newest album “More Life” features 22 songs.

Julia Pardee

The humble “6 God” promised his 22-song playlist would become “the soundtrack of your life.” He promised it would be released in December – actually, in February. But the underwhelming album “More Life” ruined the Toronto native’s credibility as it was released three months late and has yet to become ‘the soundtrack of my life.’

As a previously avid Drake fan, I touted songs from “Back to Back” to “Preach” as some of my favorite hip-hop bops. With his Instagram-caption-worthy lyrics, catchy beats and killer collabs, I looked forward to Drake’s newest releases, especially when I saw (ft. Rihanna) next to the song title. Yet his sampling of J.Lo and monotony on “More Life” did not cut it for me.

All but two tracks sounded fresh off his previous albums as 20 of the 22 had little innovative, refreshing or remotely intriguing lyrics or beats. But the most disappointing song on the album surprisingly had no Drake vocals on it at all. British EDM/soul artist Sampha’s song  “4422” was a flop, compared to his mellow yet poignant 2017 album “Process.”

Unlike Drake’s past albums, “More Life” was a cry for more R&B songs. “Passionfruit” and “Madiba Riddim” solaced some of my grief with their soft vocals and fresh rhythms. Although the minute and 16 seconds introduction to “Passionfruit” is utterly unnecessary, “Madiba Riddim” is nearly flawless with one caveat: it screams for a Rihanna verse. Unfortunately for Drake, the “If You Had My Love” sampling on “Teenage Fever” does not make up for the lack of Rihanna. J. Lo has nothing on Badgalriri.

So, I’ll give Drake two songs. Kudos, to you Drizzy. But the 20 others left me uninterested and dissatisfied. By the end of the final song, “More Life” proved to me one thing: while missing an album release date is not unusual (does Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” ring a bell?), Drake only adds salt to the wound with his mediocre album.