SGA introduces new events to Spring Spirit Week


Marissa Ho

SGA President and senior Mark DiSpignia of Lincroft helped run the lunchtime events during Fall Spirit Week this year.

Caroline Monaghan

The 2017 Spring Spirit Week is this week, but the Student Government Association (SGA) discussed ways to improve it since November. Changes include different procedures, point values and events.

Senior Mark DiSpignia of Lincroft is the President of SGA. He was a part of these decisions regarding Spirit Week.

“[SGA] worked hard this year to come up with and write the rules for new events and themes,” DiSpignia said.

There are also new procedures for traditional events, such as the Clothing Drive and Mr. CHS. Each class is now responsible for keeping track of their clothing bags throughout the week, instead of SGA. The People’s Choice category in Mr. CHS is now worth 75 points instead of 50, in hopes of increasing student participation and attendance for the event.

Elephant Bowling is a lunchtime activity new to Spirit Week. Students from each grade are to race while knocking down water bottles, only using a pair of tights containing a tennis ball. The tights must be placed on their heads.

Sophomore James Krall of Middletown plans on participating in Elephant Bowling.

“It sounds very weird and something I would’ve never thought I would do,” Krall said. “I hope I can win it for my class.”

Another new activity is Build-A-Beast, a competition where grades select representatives to build their interpretation of the CHS mascot. The beast will be finished within an allotted amount of time and presented to teacher judges. Freshman Adriana Poznanski of Middletown said she is excited for new lunchtime activities that are also being introduced.

“I’m not sure what to expect because I haven’t been a part of Spring Spirit Week before,” Poznanski said. “I am confident [the Freshman Class of 2020] will do well again.”