Spring spirit week kicks off with a sweet start


Marisa Ho

Seniors Rachel Van Brunt, Becca Cleffi, Gabrielle Concepcion, and Rachel Fenniman huddled under a blanket to portray their winter theme.

Neil Estrada

Spring Spirit Week kicked off today, with the theme of Pajama Day and the lunchtime event Cupcake Wars.

Many chose to wear comfortable pajama bottoms and a top while others chose nightgowns or robes. Some students elected to wear onesies characterizing a tiger, pig or a minion. All grades earned 20 points and had 100% participation, except the sophomores who had 97% participation and received 15 points.

Cupcake Wars is a competition in which each grade is judged on cupcakes and a display. Each grade was assigned a season to base their display off of, with the freshman class assigned spring, the sophomores receiving summer, the juniors drawing autumn, and seniors making winter.

The cupcakes were judged by teachers Bill Clark, Scott Stengele, Kelly Lang, and Gail Plumeri. Seniors took first earning 20 points, the juniors came in second earning 15 points, the sophomores took 10 points in third, and the freshman came in fourth obtaining five points.

Senior Anna Vernick who was responsible for baking many of the cupcakes in the Seniors’ display commented on the victory.
“I’m just super proud of everyone who’s worked on, not only this year’s presentation, but also the other three years. We did it!” Vernick said.
The seniors finished the day in first place with 40 points, the juniors with 35 points, and the sophomores and freshmen tied for third with 25 points each.