Elected SGA members announced


Marissa Ho

Sophomore Emma Hecht of Wall was elected as one of the member of SGA council Thursday, May 4.

Nicole Sestito

Student Government Association candidates gave their speeches on Thursday, May 4 and students casted their votes after.

All 5 winners, two executive and three council members, were announced to the entire school at dismissal that same day. Junior Jackie Geller of Manalapan won the executive election for SGA president. Sophomore Connor Martin of Spring Lake Heights was subsequently awarded vice president.  Junior Jonathan Slovak of Spring Lake Heights, junior Samantha LaRochelle of Middletown and sophomore Emma Hecht of Wall were elected council members.

As the new SGA, the elected students will oversee all clubs and put together the calendar of events, including a day at Thompson Park for new freshman, Fall and Spring Spirit Weeks and next year’s Color Wars.

Senior Rebecca Madeira of Howell, outgoing SGA council member, describes her role on SGA this year.

“We all worked together for the most part, in terms of organizing the events, getting teachers for judging the events, and getting approval from Mr. Gleason,” Madeira said.

Campaigns for the election began weeks before students cast their votes. Candidates gave out food, pens, flyers and more to promote their candidacy. Martin explains his approach to campaigning.

“The last campaigning week was full of handing out candy and pens. While I handed things out, I spoke to everyone about why I belonged on SGA,” Martin said.

The candidates gave speeches during second period on Thursday in the cafeteria where all freshmen, sophomores and juniors listened. All candidates were allotted two minutes for their speeches. There were three candidates competing for an executive position and nine candidates for a council position. Hecht describes the experience of giving her speech.

“It felt really natural when I got up there because I was talking about something I am so incredibly passionate about,” Hecht said.

SGA Advisor and health and science teacher Leah Morgan oversaw the club’s endeavors this year and anticipates the next.

“I’m really looking forward to working with (the new SGA members), but I will miss the seniors that are graduating,” Morgan said.