Outside of their daily teaching, CHS faculty have part-time jobs


Allie Kuo

Technology teacher Maryanne Rodriguez’s jobs outside of school are all education related.

Jacqueline Geller

When the bell rings at 2:19 p.m., some CHS teachers will walk out the school’s doors and head to their part-time job.

Spanish teacher Karen Britto used to be employed in restaurants and worked as an SAT tutor while holding a teacher position during the day.

It can be difficult especially working in a restaurant since the hours can be late.  I like to just ‘power through’ and drink tons of coffee and water,” Britto said.

English teacher Emily Crelin works as a gate guard in the summer and checks badges on the beach. Throughout the summer, she works five days a week and is able to catch up on her reading. The two jobs only interlap for one month.

Last summer, I worked on Sundays. So, my only day off was Saturday. I brought my finals to the beach to grade,” Crelin said.

Outside of school, Communications Technology teacher Maryanne Rodriguez is the president of the Monmouth County Vocational Education Association. She also works for the New Jersey Education Association. Rodriguez said that since her other jobs are related to the education field, it is easy to manage her work schedule.

While maintaining all these jobs, Rodriguez, like the majority of CHS employees, keeps her focus on her students.

“My priority is my students at CHS, everything else has to work around that,” Rodriguez said.