Navy Team seals a victory at Color Wars


Delia Noone

At the end of they day, the navy team came out on top.

Phoebe Drummond

The horn of a trumpet erupted through the cafeteria when SGA president Jackie Geller of Manalapan announced that the Navy Team won Color Wars 2017.

On Friday, June 2, CHS students dressed in colorful outfits, enjoyed a PSFA funded barbeque and battled it out at the annual CHS Color Wars.

Color Wars is an event students look forward to every year.

“It’s my favorite event of the whole year,” said sophomore Kelly Forrester of Spring Lake Heights.

CHS students are divided into 10 teams to participate in school wide competitions.

The teams in 2017 were Red Team, Yellow Team, Green Team, Purple Team, Pink Team, Blue Team, Navy Team, Black Team, White Team and Orange Team.

Following the Navy Team in second place was the White Team. In third was the Purple Team. Blue Team got fourth place. Orange Team got fifth place.  Pink Team got sixth place. In seventh was Red Team. In eighth place was Yellow Team. In ninth place was Green Team. And in tenth place was Black Team.

Students attended first period until 9 a.m. before they split into team meetings to prepare for competitions.

Each student participated in one sporting and one non-sporting event.

This year’s sporting events were soccer, volleyball, frisbee, three vs three basketball, water relay, ping pong, kickball and cornhole.

The non-sporting events were Kan Jam, trivia challenge, water balloon toss, limbo, three-legged race, Pictionary, art challenge, tech challenge, pie eating contest and video game.

Freshman Bella Matuch of Spring Lake said their favorite event of the day was limbo.

“I actually practiced for it,” Matuch said.

Another popular event was the teacher competition, which was flippy cup.

English teacher Kathryn Diver of the orange team won.

SGA implemented some changes to this year’s Color Wars.

“We changed trivia to a Kahoot because it was a lot more manageable and it made the scoring easier. Every year scoring is really hectic,” said Kat Holtz, a senior and SGA council member of Hazlet.

Holtz said SGA adjusted events mainly to make scoring and the flow of the events more manageable.

“We changed the teacher event too because we got complaints about doing silly stuff with the teachers,” Holtz said.

For lunch, the PSFA hosted a barbeque for students. Students enjoyed the hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks and desserts that were served.

“It was really nice of the PSFA to do that for us. The food was really good,” said sophomore Alex Herrmann of Brielle.

The joint effort of the SGA, PSFA and all CHS students contributed to another successful Color Wars.