Seniors take on New York for annual class trip

Michelle Etienne

On Wednesday Sept. 27, the class of 2018 went on the annual senior trip to New York City.

The class traveled to the city in the morning, starting the day off in Columbus Circle at the Museum of Art and Design.

Groups of 10 or more, accompanied by their chaperones, explored the museum’s newest “sonic arcade” exhibit in which artists incorporated sound into art.

This exhibit featured many interactive art pieces, one being the sound playground in which students could climb the art piece and even use the swingset.

Senior Marie Schobel of Sea Girt shared her opinion on the museum.

“The sounds got old after the first floor but the playground was definitely the highlight. Being able to swing and climb was fun!” Schobel said.

After spending time at the museum, the class traveled a mile through the city and arrived at John’s Pizza in Times Square to have a buffet-style lunch.

“I thought the salad was excellent and the pizza was good too. I liked that we were able to have as much as we wanted.” Schobel said.

Once lunch was over, students only had to cross the street to get to Broadhurst Theatre and see the matinee showing of “Anastasia.”

Once the play was over, buses were waiting outside the theatre to pick up the class and  take them back to CHS.

Class of 2018 council member Ebbie Shim of Spring Lake Heights shared how she thought the day went.

“I think the trip went really well! Ms. Britto did all of the heavy lifting work and she is absolutely amazing for it we’re really grateful for her. New York City was fun and we got to places without anything going super wrong and I think – I hope everyone enjoyed the day.” Shim said.