Fall Spirit Week in Photos

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  • Fancy Day kicked off Spirit Week, and students dressed to impress in their best shoes, ties, shirts and dresses. Junior Caitlin Mclaughlin, left, of Middletown, adorns a ball gown and tiara while she dances with junior Kera McGovern of Tinton Falls.

  • Junior and SGA council member Connor Martin, left, of Spring Lake Heights and senior and SGA president Jacqueline Geller of Manalapan list the points earned throughout the day. Juniors began the week in first place, winning the daily Scavenger Hunt and the lunchtime Scarecrow Decorating contest with their David Bowie themed scarecrow.

  • Students got into the Halloween spirit to earn participation points for their class. Freshman Ethan Hecht of Wall, right, dressed up as a “basic white girl” and freshman Michael LaRocca of Middletown dressed up in a group of “Average Joes.”

  • Before the start of first period, freshman Maddie Beekman of Neptune, top, braids hair for freshman Riley Forrester of Spring Lake Heights. Beekman and Forrester dressed up as blue and red M&Ms and wanted to look as similar as possible.

  • Dressed as the 2017 solar eclipse, juniors Caroline Monaghan of Middletown and Emma Hecht of Wall took home Best Couple at the Halloween parade. Monaghan and Hecht recorded an audio track that played as they walked across the cafeteria.

  • Two Homecoming proposals took place during the Halloween parade on Tuesday. Seniors Alice Nathanson, left, of Long Branch, Julianne Sackett of Rumson and Grace Maloney of Middletown asked senior Brandon Kalika of Middletown to Friday’s dance, all dressed as characters from The Powerpuff Girls.

  • Junior Kathryn Jemas of West Long Branch organized the second Homecoming proposal of the parade. From left, juniors Kate Dickenson of Spring Lake Heights, Amanda DiBenedetto of Ocean, Alexis Colucci of Middletown, Jules Andersen of Howell and Kiera Gill of Wall help Jemas, who asked junior Kyle Wheeler of Wall to the event later that week.

  • Dressed in Charlie Brown’s Halloween costume, senior Emily Brzozowski of Wall reenacts a trick-or-treating scene from the TV special It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by pulling a rock from a bag.

  • Armed with an oversized pencil, junior Lauren DeFelice of Wall closes out the Halloween parade. She’s dressed as DoodleBob, a character from an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants.

  • A fire drill interrupted the second half of lunch on Tuesday. Clockwise from center, freshman Isabella Carmona-Ramirez of Long Branch and juniors Kevin Clark of Spring Lake, Jules Andersen of Howell, Alyssa Rasp of Hazlet, James Krall of Middletown and Michael Ottone of Freehold gather with their first period Spanish class.

  • While walking into her locker pod, junior Colleen Megerle of Colts Neck puts on her Stitch ears. Junior Khushi Kadakia of Tinton Falls is Megerle’s Lilo for the day.

  • The theme of the day was Meme Day, so students made their best effort to recreate their favorite memes. Junior Liam Marshall of Sea Girt recreated a popular vine where a woman sings and hits cookie sheets together.

    Marisa Harczuk

  • As students showed off the different memes they dressed as for the third day of Spirit Week, junior Jessica Seldner of Eatontown got a laugh out of her table.

    Sydney Karlin

  • Junior Merina Spaltro of Allentown made her costume for Meme Day the night before. The juniors had 99% participation for the day.

    Sydney Karlin

  • Every day during lunch, each grade rushes to complete the daily Scavenger Hunt. Senior and SGA council member Sam LaRochelle of Middletown checks off items on the junior’s list.

    Marisa Harczuk

  • Students gather in the back of the cafeteria to watch four students from each class compete in Wednesday’s Spirit Week competition, the Floor Is Lava challenge. Senior Cole Raymond of Middletown along with the rest of his team emerged victorious, earning 20 points for their grade.

  • The objective of the Floor is Lava challenge is to get from one corner of the designated area to another faster than the rest of the teams without touching the ground. Some of the items they had to use included bandanas, paper and pot mats.

  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors scattered around the cafeteria for Wednesday’s Floor is Lava challenge during lunch. Seniors placed first, followed by sophomores, juniors and freshmen.

    Rebecca Rippon

  • Senior Caroline Savage of Brielle tiptoes her way across the floor to the beginning of her team’s victory in the Floor is Lava challenge.

    Rebecca Rippon

  • Clad in tie-dye socks, senior Cole Raymond of Middletown tries to navigate the Floor is Lava area to finish off the victory for his team.

    Rebecca Rippon

  • Members of the SGA watch the participants closely to make sure that their feet do not touch the ground. The entire team has to start over if one of their teammates’ feet touch the ground.

  • Four students from each grade competed in the Floor is Lava challenge during lunch. Senior Cole Raymond of Middletown instructs his team.

    Marisa Harczuk

  • Dressed in their red vests, seniors Cole Raymond of Middletown and Niki Dallicardillo of Wall looked on to their teammates during the third round of the Floor Is Lava challenge. In the final round, they were given only circular water coasters to get across without touching the floor.

    Sydney Karlin

  • Students dressed in Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses on Thursday to earn participation points for Tourist Day. Junior Parthesh Patel of Freehold wears a bucket hat. “I feel that it brings out my more tropical side,” Patel said.

    Will Dean

  • The Junior State of America (JSA) club hosted entrance sales on Thursday. Seniors Samara Ghali of Colts Neck, Sarah Antaki of Howell and Veronica Yaron of Little Silver chat before school starts.

    Will Dean

  • During the Minute to Win It lunchtime competition, senior Cameron DeStefano of Middletown concentrates on keeping a popsicle stick level and stacking dice carefully on top.

    Jessica Seldner

  • Sophomore Sidney Washington of Asbury Park and sophomore class adviser Emily Crelin wait in suspense while watching their class’ team attempt to complete each challenge.

    Jessica Seldner

  • Juniors Erica Sammarco of Colts Neck and Rebecca Rippon of Ocean Township celebrate after the junior class came out on top with the second lunch time activity they won.

    Jessica Seldner

  • The Spirit Week theme on Friday was Pajama Day. From left, juniors Cecilia Heidelberger of Middletown, Merina Spaltro of Allentown, Caitlin McLaughlin of Middletown and Angelina Cheng of Marlboro continue their daily activities during lunch except dressed in robes, slippers and blankets.

  • During the daily Scavenger Hunt, junior Amanda DiBenedetto of Ocean searches through her backpack to see if she has any of the items on the list. The juniors won first place in the last Scavenger Hunt of the week.

    Bridget Woodrow

  • A group of sophomores, from left, Matt Emery of Ocean, Jennifer McCue of Freehold, Katherine Lombardi of Middletown and Caelin Burgi of Matawan, rush to collect everything on the Scavenger Hunt list on Friday, Nov. 3. The sophomores tied for third place with the seniors.

    Bridget Woodrow

  • Right before Dodgeball, junior Cam MacConnell of Shrewsbury buys her Homecoming ticket in her pajamas. Tickets cannot be bought at the door so students purchased their tickets throughout the week for $8.

  • Juniors from left, Kathryn Jemas of West Long Branch, Lily Dews of Middletown, Sydney Karlin of Matawan and Grace McCaffrey of Middletown huddle around senior and SGA member Samantha LaRochelle of Middletown to see what they have left to find.

    Bridget Woodrow

  • Junior Kate Dickenson of Spring Lake Heights was one of three girls on her dodgeball team. Dickenson was the first to be eliminated during the game for third place against the seniors. The juniors placed last in the event, followed by the seniors in third, the sophomores in second and the freshmen in first.

  • Armed with two dodgeballs, sophomore Michael Cielecki of Spring Lake Heights helped carry his class to victory in the Dodgeball tournament during lunch on Friday, Nov. 3.

  • Members of the senior class collectively watch the Dodgeball game and cheer for their class during the semifinals game between the sophomores and the seniors.

  • The sophomore Dodgeball team celebrate their win, beating both the senior and the freshmen classes. From left, the team members left standing were Michael Cielecki of Spring Lake Heights, Giulianna Cavazzoni of Wall and Meredith Prud’homme of Ocean. After Dodgeball, the sophomores were tied for first place with the seniors with 235 points.

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