McCarthy and McCarthy triumph in freshman elections


Blot photo by Carly Lustig.

Olivia Conkling and Riley Forrester

Posters, pictures, and personalized pencils filled the freshmen halls for weeks. Of course, that means it’s freshmen election season. This year, ten candidates fought to represent their grade in the freshman class council election on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Each year, elections determine which five students the class chooses to lead their class in activities, fundraisers, and other events during their first year at CHS. According to Mrs. Clevenger, 18 candidates ran initially, but a primary election narrowed the group down to ten. In the back of the cafeteria, each student gave a one minute speech to try and convince their classmates – who have only known each other for a month –  to vote for them. Freshman Rachel Fisher of Ocean said, “I think it was kind of cool how we voted for people we barely knew because then people voted based on who was the better candidate, not who was their best friend or the most popular person in the grade.”

The ten candidates that gave speeches were Ryan Kudless of Marlboro, Steven Ostrom of Monmouth Beach, Brendan Finnegan of Millstone, Brigid McCarthy of Manasquan, Riley Forrester of Spring Lake Heights, Meagan Ellis of Freehold, Olivia Conkling of Marlboro, Elliot Topper of Ocean, Zoe Conner-Bennett of Ocean, and Olivia McCarthy of Howell. After the speeches were given, the ballots were passed out and each of the 81 newest freshman cast their vote for their top five choices.

At the end of the day, the five council members were announced over the loudspeaker.

Brigid McCarthy was elected President, Olivia McCarthy was elected Vice President, and   Forrester, Ostrom, and Conner-Bennett make up the new freshmen council.

Brigid McCarthy spoke of her plans for upcoming year.

I admire how the Class of 2017 raised enough money to make a lot of senior expenses free, and I am hoping for the same for our class,” she said. “I’m planning to focus on making sure that the Class of 2021 feels comfortable in the school, and that we have a lot of fun.”

Olivia McCarthy said she enjoyed the experience. “The process was incredibly efficient,” McCarthy said. It gave me an opportunity to meet the class. Although a little nerve wracking, it was a lot of fun.”

Class of 2021 advisor Ginny Clevenger noted the ease of the process. “It ran very smoothly with no problems, and everything went well. No tears,” she said.

Freshman Chad Fruscione of Marlboro expressed his optimism about the new council.  “I think this year’s council will do what they can to value everyone’s personal opinions and work together to make everything in the school the best it can be.”