Recipe: Duck Donuts


Will Dean

Assorted doughnuts

Will Dean

There’s no better way for me to start the morning than with a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

The smell of coffee wafts through the kitchen every morning while I rub my eyes, still half asleep. I sit down at the table and snack on a doughnut as the coffee brews. At long last, the coffee finishes and I pour myself a cup of the bitter nectar. I finish my morning routine with a full stomach and full of energy.

If you ask me, the best doughnuts come from Duck Donuts, a franchise that stretches up and down the eastern seaboard. Right now, their only local store is in Middletown, where they make warm, fresh donuts every day.

Duck Donuts sports many interesting and unique styles of doughnuts, such as “Maple Icing with Chopped Bacon,” “Chocolate Icing with Marshmallow Drizzle” and “Blueberry Icing with Maple Drizzle and Powdered Sugar.” They also provide coffee and tea to complete your morning routine.

While the pictures shown are not from Duck Donuts, here is a “recipe” to get some for yourself.


  • 1 car
  • 1 legal driver
  • At least $20 dollars for gas
  • Upwards of $10 for donuts, tea and coffee