Volunteers find happiness by helping others


Lauren DeFelice

Many students volunteer through the Cultural Communications Club.

Erin Brady

People volunteer for many reasons. Many do it to benefit others. Volunteers help those around them, to support people in need and to offer assistance to those who need it.

Freshman Emma Barofsky of Ocean Township goes to the house of an autistic child every week with one of her friends. They play games and read books to him. Barofsky says that helping this little boy makes her feel like she has accomplished something by affecting the life of someone else in a positive way.

“Helping someone and making them happy makes me happy too,” Barofsky said.

Inspiration for volunteering often comes with wanting to make a difference. For this reason, students often choose to volunteer for a cause that matters to them. Many enjoy one-on-one interactions, such as Barofsky, while others volunteer in a group setting.

For Spanish teacher Sabina Campbell, the love of helping others prompted her to create CHS’s Cultural Communications Club (CCC) in 2004. The CCC first started out as a multicultural club that met about once a month. After the first advisor for the club stepped down, Campbell decided to step in and make the club more community-oriented.

When asked why she decided to make this choice, Campbell replied, “There is nothing more valuable for a young person than to learn to share your time, talent and kindness with people in need in your community.”

Senior Maura DeRose of Middletown became involved with the CCC during her sophomore year at CHS. She wanted to volunteer for the Lakewood Head Start Program and the Special Olympics bowling competition.

“Senora Campbell encouraged me to run for council and the next year I was responsible for our involvement in the Special Olympics,” DeRose said.

DeRose attended a Montessori school from pre-kindergarten to 3rd grade. There, she volunteered for her local soup kitchen weekly. In middle school, she organized both a caroling trip for the choir and a toy drive during the holiday season. DeRose brought this love of volunteering with her to CHS and continues her charitable work here.

The ways in which volunteering affects the lives of others are plentiful.

In 2009, senior Felicia Aschettino of West Long Branch and her family experienced a house fire. The Red Cross helped Aschettino and her family greatly during a difficult time in their lives. This motivated her to volunteer her time to others.

“Volunteering has greatly affected my life and it truly has helped shape who I am as a person, as I have learned how fortunate I am to live the lifestyle I do,” Aschettino said.