Snail Day and the Amazing Race sweeps CHS


Delia Noone

The new event, the Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt, ended with the seniors taking first place.

Allie Beekman

The first-ever Snail Day ended with the seniors holding first with 80 points, the sophomores and freshmen tied for second with 65 points and the juniors in last with 60 points.

A long-awaited event, students interpreted Snail Day in different ways.

Senior and SGA member Jonathan Slovak of Spring Lake Heights waited four years for Snail Day.

“It was [alumni] Kevin Milton, Sean Gilbert and Leo Ross’s idea,” Slovak said. “I’ve loved it since the very beginning. It first was born my freshman year and I’ve been voting for it ever since.”

Junior Lily Dews of Middletown said voting Snail Day as a theme ruined the joke behind it.

“I think Snail Day was a terrible thing to bring to fruition,” Dews said. “The joke is funny, it’s been funny for a while. But the second you make a joke come to reality, now the funny joke that we had is dead. No one’s having fun, everyone just taped a picture of a snail to themselves. It’s just pointless.”

This new theme was paired with another new event: the Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt. The seniors placed first in the event, with the juniors in second, the sophomores in third and the freshmen in fourth.

Junior Kiera Gill of Wall participated in the Amazing Race.

“We had to do a bunch of little tasks,” Gill said. “It was a little stressful. The most stressful part was doing the puzzle. I was shaking and now I’m sweaty from running but it was a lot of fun.”

Senior team member Caroline Savage of Brielle said being together for four years helped the seniors be in sync while completing the tasks.

“We didn’t expect to win,” Savage said. “I think that it was just a lot of teamwork and communication and I think it helps that we’ve gone to school together for four years because that adds to the connection there.”

Spring Spirit Week continues tomorrow with Decades Day, the clothing drive and Balloon Pop.