Drama Club seniors take final bow in “You Can’t Take It With You”


Nora Thomson

Seniors Lara Graney of Belmar, Drama Club director, and Izzy Cavazzoni of Wall, Drama Club producer, thank the audience for attending “You Can’t Take It With You.”

Izzy Erskine

The Drama Club put on their last production for the 2017-2018 year, presenting “You Can’t Take it With You,” where the seniors gave their final performances and farewells to the Drama Club family.

Seniors director Lara Graney of Belmar and producer Izzy Cavazzoni of Wall collaborated with their assistants, juniors Summer Ward of Oceanport and Kelly Forrester of Spring Lake Heights, to produce “You Can’t Take it With You” for Drama Club’s spring production. They chose the show because of its strong and interesting female characters, the idea of a big goofy family and the complex drama that hid beneath the jokes, Graney said.

“It definitely challenged the actors which is something I always look to do because they are just that good and thoughtful,” Graney said. “I love directing because you get to watch the show. I got to sit back and watch my friends be funny, smart, and amazing on that stage.”

Senior Courtney Kushnir of Colts Neck played the matriarch of the Sycamore household, Penny Sycamore, for her third and final CHS production.

“This was definitely a unique show as far as the plot goes. There were fireworks and suspected Communists and crazy drunk people, so being in it was lots of fun,” Kushnir said.

This year’s Drama Club was senior-heavy, ending the run of 12 senior cast members. Ward and Forrester said they hope to see some new faces in the club next year.

“I hope many people will consider joining Drama Club next year, whether they have done it before or not,” Ward said. “Drama Club is unlike any other club at CHS in the way we become so close, always supportive and accepting of each other.”

Cavazzoni, who Graney calls the “super glue of the show,” said the one regret she had of her high school experience was not getting involved with the Drama Club sooner. Cavazzoni said she loves the friendships and laughter that come out of the club.

“School can get hard and we all get overwhelmed, but when it comes time for rehearsal, we’re all laughing and having fun,” Cavazzoni said.

For much of the cast and crew, Drama Club is a family. And for the seniors, it is a hard goodbye.