Ruderman gets General Manager in Radio Club elections


Courtesy of Cailey Ruderman

Radio Club council, from left, Michael Topper of Ocean, Cailey Ruderman of Marlboro, Kaitlyn Hammond of Wall and Amanda Lavery of Marlboro pose at CHS prom.

Allie Beekman

Club elections kicked off on Wednesday, May 9 when Radio Club held elections for its 2018-19 council. Juniors Cailey Ruderman of Marlboro, Kaitlyn Hammond of Wall, Amanda Lavery of Marlboro and Michael Topper of Ocean took the four council spots.

Together, Hammond, Lavery and Topper make up the radio show “Discourse.” Topper said the trio is excited to work together on their show and on council next year.

“We’re all really passionate about radio club,” Topper said. “I think if we work together like we usually do a lot is going to happen and the club is going to expand into the future.”

Hammond is next year’s Communications Director, in charge of social media and keeping club members informed.

“My plans for next year are to get more members and to increase participation in radio club and radio events outside of WCHS,” Hammond said. “I’m in charge of keeping all members up to date with things going on in the club, such as contests, events and elections.”

As the new Promotions Director, Lavery is in charge of promoting the station and the shows.

“I plan to use promotions to make club activities and the station well known,” Lavery said. “I plan to help grow club involvement and to increase listens to individual shows and WCHS as a whole station.”

Topper will be in charge of training new Radio Club members in using the equipment as the new Program Director.

“We’re hoping to grow the club and the station to reach more people,” Topper said. “I am in charge of training for anyone who wants to get more comfortable with the equipment. We really want more people to listen to their friends’ shows and to overall create a stronger radio community at the school.”

Ruderman, next year’s General Manager, is excited to work with the “Discourse” crew to make Radio Club more prominent in the next year.

“Next year I plan to really increase our contest entries in a variety of contests like the Intercollegiate Broadcast System Awards,” Ruderman said. “In general, we plan on making WCHS the best that it can be and involving our returning and new club members as much as possible.”

Through her leading role, Ruderman hopes to spread her passion for radio.

“I never thought I would be Radio Club president when I first joined in freshman year,” Ruderman said. “I just want to pass on my passion for the club to new members and let them know that it could be them one day, too.”