Students take AP Calculus exam


Emily McNeill

Students in math classes this semester wrote on Post-it notes to encourage AP Calculus students on their exams. These Post-its were then hung in various locations around Lane’s classroom.

Madison Beekman

Along with students across the nation, 23 CHS students took the AP Calculus AB exam on Tuesday, May 15.

Junior Jules Andersen of Howell took the exam and said she did a lot of preparation work, mostly in class, prior to Tuesday.

“In the beginning we did a lot of free response practice questions and then we moved on to do a lot of practice tests. As we did more practices, the tests became easier and we became more comfortable,” Andersen said. “By the time the exam came around, we did five practice tests and we all knew pretty much how we were going to do, so we just went with that. Personally, I didn’t study last night and just made sure that I got a good night sleep before hand.”

Junior Kyle Wheeler of Wall said that the test was “just like what [they] had been practicing” and “it wasn’t bad because [he] was very prepared for it.”

Sophomore Riley Rademacher of Wall is considering taking AP Calculus next year and said that although she knows it will be hard, she is determined to succeed in the endeavor, even if it bears a heavy load of both work and time.

I was debating taking AP Calc because of the time commitment and difficulty. I heard that the summer homework packet is extremely long and it may be hard to balance that with work, dance and beach time,” Rademacher said. “I do know it is a tough course and it may not result in the best grades, but I’m in for the challenge.”

AP Calculus teacher Justine Lane was confident in her students’ abilities and said she’s proud of them no matter what the results show.

I felt very confident and I think the students felt confident too. Every practice test just got better and better,” Lane said. “I’m really proud of their accomplishments.”