CHS divided over the importance of school fashion


Delia Noone

Students have their own opinions on their appearance in school.

Izzy Erskine

At 11:30 p.m., junior Grace Treshock of Monmouth Beach knows she should be in bed, but as per usual, she has spent the last 20 minutes staring at her closet with possible outfit combinations running through her head. Some students share Treshock’s desire to look and feel “on point” in public, while other students do not consider it a big deal.

Whether for a formal occasion or hanging out with friends, Treshock tries her best to present herself as put together.

“I think people take you more seriously when you look like you’ve put effort into your appearance,” Treshock said.

Freshman Georgia Trentalange, like Treshock, tries to appear in order. Trentalange admits she has her days where she simply does not look her best, but will make adjustments to her outfit based on her opinion, not others.

“Others’ judgements affect me less than my own,” Trentalange said. “I don’t necessarily care if other people think I look cool or good, it’s more that I care about my own belief that I do.”

Although Treshock and Trentalange feel it is important to be on their “A game” when it comes to appearance in and out of school, some students do not think appearance is overly important.

Sophomore Ben Hewson of Fair Haven does not care about his appearance in public as much.

“In school, I already have my friends and everyone knows my personality so if I don’t want to look nice one day I don’t really care because people who already know me won’t change their opinion of me,” Hewson said.

Hewson does agree that appearance is important when attending events like parties, banquets and other special occasions.

Sophomore Sawyer Barth of West Long Branch agrees, but he does not mind what people think, as long as he has given an effort to his appearance. Barth says that people will judge no matter what.

“I’ve definitely felt judged for my appearance, because people definitely tend to do that. It’s so easy for them. All you have to do is walk into a room and you can spark their disdain,” Barth said.

As a senior, Marie Schobel of Sea Girt is past the getting ready for 45 minutes.

“I usually care about my appearance but there are some scenarios that I do not care,” Schobel said.

With school starting at 7:30 a.m., it is already too early for Schobel and she feels comfortable in whatever she chooses to wear. She chooses to present herself on how she feels.

While Treshock plans out her outfit late at night, Schobel is already asleep, and plans on giving herself six minutes to get ready for school.