CHS recruits new teachers for 2018-19

CHS is one school within the MCVSD that offers night school.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

CHS is one school within the MCVSD that offers night school.

Isabella Antoon

Each year, CHS welcomes a new group of students eager to learn and grow. This year, three new teachers also accompanied the incoming freshman class in experiencing CHS for the very first time.

After the retirement of Print Production teacher Bill Allen and the promotion of Communications Technology teacher Maryanne Rodriguez to an administrative position in MCVSD, a substantial spot in the school’s visual and graphic communication department needed to be filled.

This fall, Graphic Design teacher Amanda Fitzpatrick will teach the classes previously taught by Allen and Rodriguez. Fitzpatrick will also be adviser to Yearbook and Photo Club.

Journalism teacher Wayne Woolley is also new to CHS, replacing Andrea Mulshine who left last year due to medical reasons. Woolley, like Mulshine, has several years of experience in the journalism industry.

Woolley said he believes his previous work will benefit in the classroom.

“I hope that I can convince at least a few students that journalism is an honorable profession and one worth pursuing as a career,” Woolley said. “I want to show that in whatever career field students choose, they’ll benefit from the journalistic method, which includes independent thought, dispassionate evaluation of data and synthesis of information from disparate sources.”  

Spanish teacher Courtney Van Arsdale is the final new addition to the CHS faculty. Arsdale replaced Spanish teacher Gail Plumeri, who retired at the end of last year.

Junior Lauren Tarigo of Sea Girt said she enjoyed her first classes with Van Arsdale.

“I like Mrs. Van Arsdale and think she has clear goals and expectations set for the class,” Tarigo said. “She seems very willing to help out students and I’m very excited to see what the class has in store.”