Class of 2022 continues Thompson Park tradition


Marissa Ho

Senior and SGA President Liam Marshall of Sea Girt explains a game.

Katherine Lombardi

The Class of 2022 partook in CHS’s oldest tradition on Friday, Sept. 7 on the annual Thompson Park trip. Since 2000, the trip provides an opportunity for the freshman class to break the ice and develop new friendships.

The SGA organized the day’s events and invited the president of each class council to attend.

SGA council member Liam Jamolod of Howell said one of the trip’s main purposes was to help the incoming freshmen bond.

“Everyone is coming in from different schools and different parts of the county, so they have to start from scratch,” Jamolod said. “It really helps create memories that [they] will take with them forever.”

Freshmen received different colored wristbands and split into groups upon arrival. They participated in activities orchestrated by both SGA members and Monmouth County Parks System officials. This included games such as Mojave Desert, Human Knot and Spud.

In contrast to previous Thompson Park trips, SGA members each paired up with a class president to run the individual groups.

“I felt it was easier to handle since there are two minds to bounce off of for what games to play, when to play them and et cetera,” Jamolod said.

As per tradition, the entire class gathered at the end of the day to play “Wham Sam Sam.” The game consisted of chanting phrases and doing a small dance, increasing in speed as the game progressed.

Freshman Maggie Schneider of Wall said the trip helped her meet many of her fellow classmates.

“I think it was a lot of fun and I got to know a lot more people,” Schneider said. “It was a really great bonding experience.”