Upperclassmen register to vote for 2020 election


Bella Reilly

Mary Anne DeVarti visited CHS in the spring of last year and returned on Tuesday.

Bella Reilly

CHS students ages 17 and older had the opportunity to register to vote in school on Tuesday, Sept. 26. Mary Anne DeVarti, who visited CHS last May, encouraged anyone who passed by to consider registering.

In an effort to get teens voting, DeVarti independently contacts schools, offering her aid. She stood during lunch with treats asking nearby students if they were of age.

DeVarti also highlighted a QR code on a t-shirt at the table that led phones directly to the March for our Lives website, where you can register online.

Though less than half of students are currently 17, many juniors and seniors who met the age requirement took advantage of the early opportunity. Among them is senior Gia Caruso of Howell.

“I know for sure I want to vote, and I’m almost 18. So I decided it was an easy decision to register,” Caruso said.

But, not all students who were 17 decided to register. Junior Jack McHugh of Manasquan decided against it.

“I do not think I am ready to vote yet,” he said. “I am probably not educated enough to vote in an election.”

Regardless, DeVarti suggests students consider registering.

“This may be the biggest election of this generation’s lifetime, so it is very important to vote,” DeVarti said.

DeVarti said her mission is to urge this generation to use their voice, both in the polls and their daily lives. She continues to try to get more teenagers to register to vote for who they believe will be the best choice.