Mold found in back hallway, classes relocate


Marissa Ho

Classes in the back hall were relocated in various parts of the school, including the cafeteria.

Katherine Lombardi

Students and teachers experienced a temporary relocation due to mold growth in rooms 141, 142, 143 and 144 on Sept. 24 and 25.

Over the weekend, the district cleaned the affected classrooms in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency mold remediation guidelines after students discovered and administration confirmed the presence of mold on surfaces last week. As a precaution, administration decided to suspend use of the contaminated classrooms while they waited for the results of an air sampling test. Other parts of the building also underwent testing to ensure that the areas were safe.

Students and teachers operated on a temporary schedule, with classes moved to new locations including the cafeteria, TV/radio studio and split halves of Room 107.

On Wednesday, principal James Gleason announced via email that the test results had come back with a determination of standard quality air levels and that students could resume learning in their classrooms as normal.

Junior Madison Vigdor of Manalapan takes AP Calculus in Room 142 and said she agrees with administration’s decision to use a temporary schedule.

“In the end the school’s main priority should be our safety,” Vigdor said. “If they have to relocate the classes in order to achieve that, I’m okay with it.”

On Thursday, Gleason sent another email to parents and students to alert of them of the discovery of mold in Room 143, where it had previously been, as well as the guidance conference room area.

“The district will professionally remediate the affected areas over the weekend,” Gleason said in the email. “Upon completion, indoor air quality testing will be performed throughout the entire school.”