Advanced Java and Web Design seniors attend Asbury Agile


Sarah McNey

Eight CHS seniors attended the Asbury Agile web conference on Friday, Oct. 5 with technology teacher Laura Gesin.

Colin Martin

Eight students taking either Advanced Java or Advanced Web Design attended the Asbury Agile web conference on Friday, Oct. 5, led by technology teacher Laura Gesin. Throughout the day, students attended presentations led by professionals in computer programming and design fields.

Senior Kathryn Jemas of West Long Branch attended Asbury Agile and said she was particularly interested by one speaker, Fiona Rolander.

“The first lady that presented was talking about interactive design, and how humans interact with different apps, and I thought that was really cool,” Jemas said.

Rolander is the Lead Product Designer at Bontouch, Inc., a Swedish design agency with locations in New York City.

“After she was done presenting I went up to her, and she suggested a major in interactive design,” Jemas said. “Overall it was a good experience and a great way to help me figure out what I want to do with my future.”

Gesin has been running the trip since the conference began in 2010, receiving eight free tickets each year through a personal connection with its founders, Bret Morgan and Kevin Fricovsky.

“Bret and Kevin, I taught a social media course for them, and they said they could get me free tickets,” Gesin said. “It’s very nice of them, because the tickets are $150 apiece.”

The conference gave students an opportunity to see the future of the tech industry, and learn about a variety of career paths. Speakers included designers like Rolander, along with consultants like Devon Yarbrough, who presented on blockchain technology, and data scientists like Ricky Saporta, Vice President of Data for Vydia.

“It really gets better every year,” Gesin said. “In the past we’ve had former students that have gone there, and we have lunch with them and we get to talk and that’s nice.”