No rest for students on second day of Spirit Week


Will Carragher

Junior Emily Madeira of Howell draws on one of the Class of 2020’s pumpkins for the Pumpkin Decorating competition.

Brigid McCarthy

Fall Spirit Week continued Tuesday, Oct. 30 with Pajama Day and the lunchtime Pumpkin-Decorating Contest.

Pajama Day is a favorite among students like sophomore Beatrice Karron of Manasquan, who said she loves an excuse to wear comfortable clothing.  

“I love Pajama Day,” Karron said. “It’s my favorite day of Spirit Week, because it’s fun to just let loose and be comfy. It’s funny to see what everyone wears and it makes the whole day fun and laid back.”

Another round of the daily scavenger hunt began at 10:30, and the hallways quickly filled with students as they searched for the items on the list. Some of Tuesday’s items included $1.50 entirely in dimes, a towel and pictures taken of students in CHS apparel. The seniors placed first for the scavenger hunt, sophomores took second, juniors took third and freshmen took fourth.

Tuesday’s lunchtime competition was a new event, the Pumpkin-Decorating Contest. The SGA gave each grade pumpkins of varying sizes and a bag of assorted materials, then instructed them to construct a pumpkin inspired by Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Class of 2021 adviser and fitness teacher Ginny Clevenger said that the event had similarities to ones from previous years.

“There was one year, I remember, where we had to do scarecrows, and you had to use a pumpkin in the scarecrows,” Clevenger said. “There was a pumpkin carving contest one year, but I think we brought it home, like it was done over the weekend and brought to school.”

Juniors took first place for the contest, followed by seniors in second, sophomores in third and freshmen in fourth.  

Junior Ryan Swanson of Brielle said he was happy about the junior class’s success.   

“I feel very proud of my fellow classmates,” Swanson said. “We have so many talented artists, and so many great people, so I’m just so glad they were able to pull off a victory.”

At the end of the day, the seniors were still in the lead with 105 points, the juniors and sophomores close behind with 98 and 93 points, respectively, and the freshmen behind them with 60 points. Spirit week takes a spooky turn tomorrow with Halloween and the lunchtime Costume Contest.