Outdated trends return for fourth day of Spirit Week


Alyssa Rasp

Students watch junior Matt Emery of Ocean in the first place dodgeball matchup against the sophomores.

Madison Beekman

Students dressed up in their favorite outdated trends and competed in the annual dodgeball tournament on Thursday, Nov. 1 during Fall Spirit Week.

The daily scavenger hunt took place at 10:30, with seniors emerging victorious. The juniors placed second, followed by the freshmen and sophomores, respectively.

Senior Grace McCaffrey of Middletown said she is happy with the results so far and hopes that the rest of this week has prepared her for tomorrow’s Super Scavenger Hunt.

“I think that we have been doing well just because of how dedicated everyone is,” McCaffrey said. “Our grade hasn’t won a Spirit Week yet, so I think that everyone is extra motivated to win this time around. It’s also our last Fall Spirit Week which has really been a motivator all week.”

As for dodgeball, the juniors took the top spot, the sophomores second, the seniors third and the freshmen fourth.

Junior RJ Franzen of Allentown was a new member of the dodgeball team this year and said he prepared in advance.

“I threw the ball really hard because I thought that might help and I prepared by drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated,” Franzen said. “Also I played so it was a lot better.”

Dodgeball is one of the more subjective Spirit Week events. In terms of making calls, SGA council member and junior Dane Tedder of Ocean said he felt that the SGA handled it well.

“I can’t really speak for any previous SGA members, but from my experience so far I can see that no matter how the SGA decides how to handle arguments on calls it’s a tough job,” Tedder said. “We talk over any controversy that arises and once we’re able to decide on the fairest course of action, we do it to the best of our ability.”

Freshman Ezra Shim of Spring Lake Heights said that Trend Day was reminiscent of his childhood.

“I really liked trend day. It gave me a little feel of nostalgia,” Shim said. “And it gave me an excuse to wear my Crocs.”

Sophomore Ethan Hecht of Wall also competed in dodgeball, but said he would have preferred it to be on another day.

“I would like dodgeball to be on a Friday more than a Thursday,” Hecht said. “It’s an exciting event and in my opinion the best one.”

Spirit Week will come to an end tomorrow with High School Stereotype Day and the new event, Super Scav.