Sweets by the Beach replaces annual fall bonfire

Annual bonfire moved to spring due to scheduling conflicts


Alyssa Rasp

Freshmen play football on the beach during the PSFA event on Oct. 5.

Jacqueline Litowinsky

The Parent Student Faculty Association (PSFA) held CHS’s first ever Sweets by the Beach event at Belmar Beach on Friday, Oct. 5, in place of the annual bonfire. Students and their families enjoyed a variety of desserts while catching up with friends.  

PSFA Co-President Laura Andersen said the bonfire will still take place, but Sweets by the Beach replaced it in the fall due to scheduling conflicts.

“When we went to go and book our bonfire, the first date that we would have would be the middle of November,” Andersen said. “So we did this and then we moved the beach bonfire to the day after Color Wars.”

Freshman Olivia Stauder of Millstone said she enjoyed the event.

“It was really fun. Honestly, it was probably the best school gathering I’ve ever been to,” Stauder said. “I would definitely come again.”

Andersen said that another Sweets by the Beach could be planned if the PSFA hears considerable positive student feedback.

“We’ll do anything that the kids want,” Andersen said.

Andersen said 80 families visited Sweets by the Beach.

Freshman Maggie Schneider said that while she did not attend the event, she would consider doing so in the future.

“I did not know it was happening until the day before, so there wasn’t enough time to hand in my form,” Schneider said.  “All the people who went told me they had a great time.”