Students share their Thanksgiving plans


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The first Thanksgiving was recorded to be in 1621.

Meredith Prud'homme

Every year, towards the end of November, 46 million turkeys are sold nationwide, according to the University of Illinois. A meeting on the Plymouth Plantation between the pilgrims and the natives in 1621 has transformed into a commercial holiday filled with parades, football games and time spent with friends and family.

Sophomore Emma Barofsky of Ocean said she spent time with a mix of family and friends this holiday break.

“My sisters finally came home from college so I spent time with them,” Barofsky said. “The day after Thanksgiving, all my friends met up and had Friendsgiving together.”

Junior Mike Cielecki of Spring Lake Heights spent time with his family this Thanksgiving season locally.

“My family came over and we watched all the football games before and after eating a ton of food,” Cielecki said.

Whether near or far, CHS students spent this Thanksgiving gathered with their family and friends.