Winter Ball takes a trip to New York at sunset

Class of 2021 presents theme of “Golden Hour: A Night in the City” for annual dance


Drew Lepping

Senior Kevin Clark of Spring Lake Heights poses at the end of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” while a group of fellow dance attendees watch

Olivia Conkling and Vivianna Varlack

The familiar CHS cafeteria was transformed into nighttime in New York City for the 2019 Winter Ball, hosted by the Class of 2021. For months, the sophomores prepared golden hour skylines and graffiti art to display at the dance, held on Friday, Jan.11.  

Sophomores and design committee co-heads Catherine Procyk of Colts Neck and Anna Zimmer of Marlboro helped choose the theme, “Golden Hour: A Night in the City,” and facilitated its execution.  

“Our main project was the strip of 10 artboards in the cafeteria,” Procyk said. “Our concept for it was to have a bunch of artists from our class create a city scene that had a sun setting with their own interpretations, and each day we’d put one up, having the sun slowly setting until the dance began.”

Attendees of all grades enjoyed the dance and the theme.

“I had a really good time,” said freshman Fiona Macchia of Holmdel. “There was no separation between groups or grades; everyone seemed to be mingling and having fun.”

Senior Grace McCaffrey from Middletown said that the Class of 2021 made a good decision for the theme.

“I thought that the theme was really well executed and it was definitely one of my favorite Winter Balls,” McCaffrey said.

Senior Connor Martin of Spring Lake Heights agreed with McCaffrey.

“It was fun,” Martin said. “Definitely the most memorable winter ball in my opinion.”

Others, including junior Liam Jamolod of Howell, said they initially had hesitations about the theme.

“I felt the theme of ‘golden hour’ but also ‘a night in the city’ to be very conflicting, but will say it came together in the end and the decorations added to making it a more cohesive concept,” Jamolod said.

According to sophomore class advisor, Ginny Clevenger, the sophomore class sold 259 tickets and raised about $2,300.

Sophomore Class President Georgia Trentalange of Middletown said that incorporating the theme into the photo booth, was difficult. Still, she said that the council and sophomore class were able to make the night enjoyable for everyone.

“It was a little stressful getting that [the photobooth] done but I think…we really put it together well.”