Students eat and stay on their feet at lunch

Many students play basketball on the outside patio during lunch.

Creative Commons Photo Courtesy of pxhere

Many students play basketball on the outside patio during lunch.

Michael Rau

CHS students may be “the unathletic ones”, but that doesn’t stop those who frequently utilize the ping pong table, volleyball net or basketball hoop during lunch.

Freshman Ezra Shim of Spring Lake Heights plays soccer for Manasquan High School. Shim said to stay active during lunch, he shoots hoops and plays volleyball with friends and with students in other grades.

“I think that it’s a good way to keep yourself occupied during lunch,” Shim said.

Freshman Giulia Defabritus of Freehold plays foosball in the back of the cafeteria with her friends every day.

“After we’ve had classes and we’re bored and tired,” Defabritus said. “We’ll do that to unwind and have some fun.”

Junior Joseph Matthews of Middletown plays either basketball or volleyball with friends during lunch and said that sports helped him bond with his friends.

“Through playing sports outside, we’ve been able to meet and become acquainted with a lot of other kids from different grades, both younger and older, so I think it’s been an overall positive experience for all of us,” Matthews said.

Besides being a source of good exercise, playing sports during lunch improves bonds between friends and helps students meet others who share the same love for sports and activities.