Sophomore class sees “The Crucible”

Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in 1952, a story about witchcraft in Massachusetts.

Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons/US State Department.

Arthur Miller wrote “The Crucible” in 1952, a story about witchcraft in Massachusetts.

Michael Rau

The Class of 2021 attended the 10 a.m. performance of “The Crucible” on Wednesday, May 15, at the Algonquin Arts Theatre in Manasquan.

The “National Players”, a ten-member touring theater group, performed the show based on the novel by Arthur Miller. The Class of 2021 read the book in their English II class earlier this year. Earlier this spring, Class of 2021 advisor Ginny Clevenger started looking for possible shows to see and believed “The Crucible” was an ideal play for the class trip.

“It was perfect and close to home,” Clevenger said. “I just wanted to give the sophomores a day out.”

Sophomore Isabella Carmona-Ramirez of Long Branch said she enjoyed the show, although she thought that it could have been more clean and professional.

“I thought that the way the actors were physical didn’t seem very realistic, and some of the acting seemed a bit forced or not as natural, but it was pretty good overall,” Carmona-Ramirez said.

Although she did not read the book, Clevenger says she enjoyed the show and believed it was informative and well-done.

“The sophomore class taught me all about it, and I thought the acting was fine,” Clevenger said. “I hope everybody had a nice time.”