Pink team is victorious at Color Wars


Blot photo by Alyssa Rasp

Pink team reacts to their tug-of-war win.

Kaitlyn Delaney

On Friday, June 7, students attended the annual Color Wars, where the pink team claimed victory for the second year in a row. With both sporting and non-sporting events, the competition had something for every student to take part in.

In the morning, teams gathered in the cafeteria, where juniors and newly-appointed SGA executives Liam Jamolod of Howell and Dane Tedder of Ocean called on teams to perform their chant. The teams were then pitted against each other in a game of tug of war.

Afterwards, students prepared for sporting and non-sporting events. Sporting events included 3v3 basketball, cornhole, soccer, Spikeball, volleyball, wiffleball, and badminton; non-sporting events included games such as KanJam, Pictionary, ping pong, and a water balloon toss as well as tech, art, trivia, and video game challenges.

The ten teams were pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, purple, black and white. The pink team rose to victory, followed by the red team in second, and orange in third.

Orange team freshman Max Ayers of Allenhurst commented on his “exciting, anxiety-inducing, and nerve-wracking” experience of his first color wars.

“Color wars was not at all what I expected, but also exactly what I expected,” Ayers said. “There was so much nervous energy… All of those nerves were turned into strength, then the strength quickly became adrenaline and the adrenaline got us first place [in tug of war] which felt insane.”

Red team captain and senior Allie Beekman of Neptune said this year’s Color Wars was “hands down the best color wars I’ve ever had.”

“It was extra special being able to share the whole experience with my aunt and my sister,” Beekman said. “It was the perfect day for color wars and I’m so glad that this year was my last, it was the best way to end.”