Teens work hard and play hard this summer


Blot courtesy of Riley Forrester

In the summertime, badge-checking is a popular job amongst teenagers. But this job may soon become obsolete due to increased technology.

Riley Forrester

To some, the end of the school year may mean no more waking up early for the next eighty days; nothing but sleep, eat, beach, repeat. Others, however, spend their summer days heading off to work.

Freshman Drew Lepping of West Long Branch picked up a job for this summer at Joe’s Bagel and Grill in his hometown. He carries multiple responsibilities for the establishment, including “…working the register and making the bagels, salads, wraps, and smoothies.” Despite all of his duties at his new job, Lepping is not worried about missing out on his summer.

“I think I’m going to be fine because I’m working with my friends and also work is usually in the morning, so I’ll be able to just have fun with the rest of my day,” Lepping said.

Sophomore Francesca McCaffrey of West Long Branch will be trading in her books for bowls of salad for her first summer job at Art of Salad in Pier Village. McCaffrey hopes she can balance work with her free time, saying that being able to have fun is the reason she wanted to get a job in the first place.

“My mom said she wasn’t going to give me any money this summer, so I wanted my own money to spend on fun stuff like clothes, food, and the beach,” McCaffrey said.
Junior Michael LaValva of Brielle, who works at the Manasquan Bike Shop, also looked for a job in order to make money.

“I wanted a summer job to keep busy and also to make a little extra money,” LaValva said.

His goal was achieved his father visited the shop to get a bike fixed and mentioned that his son was looking for a job. Thankful for the opportunity, LaValva plans to both work hard and play hard this summer.

“I think I found a good balance between work and fun because most of my nights will be open even if I have a day shift,” LaValva said.

Although it may not always be relaxing, according to McCaffrey, a summer job is a great way for young people to get experience and learn valuable things even when school is not in session.

“I think it is important for kids to have a summer job because it teaches them to have a good work ethic and also how to manage money.”