Students attend annual Club Fair


Blot photo by Liam Umbs

Students sign up for clubs that had stands in the cafeteria on Friday the 13th.

Emma Barofsky

At the annual Club Fair on Friday, Sept. 13, students were given the opportunity to sign up for the clubs offered at CHS in the cafeteria during lunch. Every year, this event allows individuals to choose to get involved in the organizations that interest them. There was a widespread of clubs exhibited including CCC, Yearbook Club, Drama Club, Fashion Show, Inkblot, and more. 

Especially for freshmen who are new to CHS, the Club Fair makes choosing clubs much easier.

Sophomore Kara Petrosino of Colts Neck signed up for CCC, Inkblot, and Art Club. She explained that when she was first trying to get involved at CHS, the Club Fair made the entire experience less overwhelming.

“I think it helps me decide what to join in the sense that it gives me exposure to all the different clubs that CHS offers,” Petrosino said.

Students from each club made posters and food for the incoming club members. Senior Abby Tellechea of Monmouth Beach, head of the Fashion Show, was among this group. She brought in delicious treats in order to start the year off right for her club.

“We brought in munchkins and made a trifold,” Tellechea said.

By joining a club, students are able to take a break from the school day by surrounding themselves with others who have similar interests. This event was successful in the sense that it attracted a large amount of new club members.

“[The club fair] is a good way to increase the size of your club since it’s easy for the whole school to go and sign up,” Tellechea said.