CHS students combat stress during the school year


Blot graphic by Lauren Tarigo

Survey of 47 students from August 18th to September 4th.

Madison Beekman

After working through hours of homework, sophomore Drew Lepping of West Long Branch opens his container of ice cream and his Netflix app. He turns on one of his favorite shows, “Friends,” in order to help him destress after a long day of hard work.

This is just one of the ways CHS students cope with their stress during the school year. Many students found that things like watching TV or working out helps them unwind.

Senior Liam Jamolod of Howell said that watching TV and listening to music helps him alleviate his stress, along with another method he discovered.

“My main way to destress is just telling myself the phrase, ‘positive vibes only,’” Jamolod said. “I also sometimes just bake or cook to relieve some stress.”

Organization also helps students destress, by keeping track of their tasks and responsibilities. Sophomore Carla Vreeland of Matawan uses a planner to remember what she needs to do and hangs up reminders for herself where she can see them.

While dealing with stress can lead to good habits like those above, it can also cause bad habits, such as procrastination.

Junior Francesca McCaffrey of West Long Branch said that she definitely procrastinates, which sometimes increases her level of stress.

“I’ll wait until the day before to do lots of studying, and to push it even further, I sometimes won’t start until 6 or 6:30 p.m.,” McCaffrey said.

Though students have developed habits like McCaffrey, many have also found ways to improve their studying habits.

Lepping believes that talking to his friends is a beneficial habit he developed. He finds that this method works for him, even if his friends aren’t always helping with the work itself.

“It’s helpful when you are having trouble with your homework and you just need someone to talk to,” Lepping said. “Whether that’s helping you with your homework or you’re both just screaming and crying about it over the phone. Either way it’s nice.”