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Oceanfest makes a great 4th of July

July 5, 2013

By ANDREW GOUDSWARD News Editor Long Branch held its 23rd annual Oceanfest festival yesterday to commemorate America’s Independence Day. The celebration featured jewelry and clothing vendors in tents, boardwalk food and live music and concluded with a fireworks display over the ocean. Every year, the event draws 200,000 people to a stretch of real estate...

The good Gatsby

May 31, 2013

By DYLAN ABLAN Staff Writer A visual extravaganza is one of the many ways to describe “The Great Gatsby”. Director Baz Luhrmann went all-out to bring us one of his signature films. It's loud, vibrant and fun. However, when we look past the razzle dazzle, we find a film that chooses style over su...

Froyo craze just a phase

December 5, 2012

By OLIVIA IANNONE Staff Writer Picture yourself in a colorfully tiled store. The wall across from you is lined with a few dozen metal levers and signs saying “red velvet,” “mango” and “tart”. Nearby is a dispenser of way-too-big logo-adorned cups. A flat, shiny digital scale takes up the s...

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