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December movie releases most lucrative

Maura DeRose and Lara Graney

December 22, 2016

This December, 40 new movies will hit theaters, according to, and of those films, three will open on Christmas Day. Christmas Day movie releases have gained popularity in recent years, starting with Paramount Picture’s release of “Road to Rio” on Dec. 25, 1947, according to Minyanvill...

Teen friendship can have a hefty pricetag

The price of friendship goes up during the holiday season as teens go all out on gift giving.

Phoebe Drummond

December 22, 2016

They say the best gift is giving, but for students on a limited budget this is not always an easy task, especially with the pressure of buying friends a good gift they will enjoy. At CHS, 90 percent of students exchange gifts with friends, according to a survey from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 of 248 students;...

Students discuss the Christ in Christmas

The story of Christmas has changed over time from purely religious to commercial.

Elizabeth Klemm

December 22, 2016

Store windows. Television screens. Radio waves. It’s everywhere. “It” is Christmas, and its advertisements are all around. Many businesses see the Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as an opportunity to make a profit. Despite the religious roots of the holiday, only ...

Mom and Dad: the real Claus

The mythical Santa Clause has become a part of nearly every childhood.

Courtney Kushnir

December 22, 2016

Santa Claus doesn’t really hand-craft and deliver presents in his magic sleigh for every boy and girl. The responsibility of being Santa Claus falls on parents, and that responsibility comes with a price tag. Most parents will spend about $271 per child on Christmas gifts, according to the financ...

Music industry makes bank off of carols

Christmas carols bing in big money for the music industry

Kate Ridoux

December 22, 2016

Every year, as Thanksgiving comes to a close, one thing is certain: the holiday season has begun. One of the earliest indicators of the holiday season is the transition radio stations make from their original programming to holiday music. Birmingham, AL’s 100.1 FM and Duluth, MN’s 106.5 began broad...

Drinking Age in US is highest in the world

In a survey of CHS, students were asked what they felt the legal drinking age should be.

Sawyer Barth

November 9, 2016

While 162 countries across six continents have a drinking age of 20 or below, the United States is one of only 12 with a minimum drinking age of 21. This hasn’t always been the case. From the 1970s to the mid-1980s, it was common for states to have legal drinking ages of 18, 19 or 20. Society as a w...

Teen Drinking: High School vs. College

Kate Ridoux

November 9, 2016

It’s no secret that underage drinking occurs globally. In a recent survey of 256 CHS students on Oct. 17, 80 percent of students report that they believe most people start drinking in high school, 12 percent think that drinking begins in college and less than 1 percent believe that most people start ...

Binge Drinking causes health problems for teens who don’t know better

Binge drinking is very damaging to the health of teens.

Courtney Kushnir

November 9, 2016

The website defines binge drinking as “the heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time.” Even though they are not legally allowed to consume alcohol, teens are the most likely age group to binge drink, according to Pediatrics, a journal for pediatric studies. For girl...

Teen use their tech to prevent future DUIs

Uber is an application that has helped to decrease the amount of DUIs in teens.

Maddie Curtis

November 9, 2016

Car crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens in the United States. But thanks to apps like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, the number of people in general who drink and drive has dropped by 54 percent since 1991, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports. About 32 percent of fatal car accidents inv...

Adults, ads and availability affect teen eating

Survey of 211 students on September 8, 2016.

Lara Graney

September 17, 2016

Teens eating habits are not solely built on the basis of health; trends, marketing, convenience and mood are just a few of the factors that affect what young people put in their bodies. On television alone, young people view more than 40,000 advertisements a year, according to American Academy of...

A meat-lover goes vegan

One month after her initial experiment, DeRose continues to eat vegan.

Maura DeRose

September 17, 2016

As a baby, my mother called me her little carnivore. At Sonic, I order a pretzel dog in addition to my cheeseburger. One year for Christmas, I wrote Santa Claus a letter asking for parmesan cheese. My profile picture on Instagram is a photo of me holding a hot dog. But after a month long road trip...

Orthorexia hidden in modern society

Graphic by Julie Alter

Kate Ridoux

September 16, 2016

Over the past several years, the line between diets and eating disorders has grown increasingly thin. So thin, in fact, that those who cross it may be unaware of the dangerous impact it can have on their physical and mental health. Worldwide, many people are taking "healthy" or "clean" eating to such...

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