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Loss of Sleep: age-old problem, simple solution

September 15, 2013

By OLIVIA IANNONE Opinion Editor As they make their way through childhood, most young Americans will notice a frustrating relationship between the time they want to wake up each morning and the time the school system forces them to. As years pass, their bodies tell them to get up later and later, b...

Cyrus’s performance was an MTV stunt

Cyrus's performance was an MTV stunt

August 30, 2013

By DYLAN ABLAN Staff Writer Miley Cyrus “graced” the stage during Sunday’s Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn as the new and not-so-improved Miley 2.0, with her performance of her new hit single “We Can’t Stop" on Sunday. From the dancing to the singing, the performance was defi...

Oceanfest makes a great 4th of July

July 5, 2013

By ANDREW GOUDSWARD News Editor Long Branch held its 23rd annual Oceanfest festival yesterday to commemorate America’s Independence Day. The celebration featured jewelry and clothing vendors in tents, boardwalk food and live music and concluded with a fireworks display over the ocean. Every year, the event draws 200,000 people to a stretch of real estate...

Music beneath the coasters: review of the Skate and Surf Festival

June 13, 2013

By SALLY BONIECKI Staff Writer It had been drizzling for most of the morning of Saturday, May 18, but that did not deter anyone from driving for miles to the first day of the Skate and Surf Festival at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. Even locals who knew the back-up in the far right lane of th...

The good Gatsby

May 31, 2013

By DYLAN ABLAN Staff Writer A visual extravaganza is one of the many ways to describe “The Great Gatsby”. Director Baz Luhrmann went all-out to bring us one of his signature films. It's loud, vibrant and fun. However, when we look past the razzle dazzle, we find a film that chooses style over su...

Memorial Day

May 27, 2013


Being a journalist: a junior’s reflection on the Columbia trip

Surveying their choices for the next three days, CHS delegates Nina-Marie Amadeo and Olivia Iannone, both juniors of Middletown, chose the seminars they would attend. Several thousand high school  journalists were joined by professional journalists and educators from across the country who shared their knowledge and experience with the students.

March 27, 2013

By OLIVIA IANNONE The very stones of Columbia University emit wisdom. It’s hard not to walk across campus and think of the thousands of students and scholars whose feet beat the rock and concrete paths smooth on their personal quests for knowledge. So it’s not surprising to me that I learned ...

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