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Majority of students say cheerleading and dance are sports

Blot graphic by Connor Martin.

Mia Gallo

April 19, 2017

The discussion has gone on since what feels like the beginning of time. When asked to name a sport, most people would say basketball, football, soccer, or baseball, but competitive cheer or dance would most likely not come to mind. According to, a sport is “an activity involving phy...

Students take on reffing sports games as jobs

Anthony Quattrocchi of Matawan began to referee eighth grade soccer two years ago.

Kiera Gill

April 1, 2017

High school is a time for teenagers to get a taste of what the real world is like, and many get this exposure through a job, internship or volunteer task. According to NewsOk, an Oklahoma City newspaper, one in four students at age 16 or older work, which is more than 3 million workers nationwide. ...

Athletes have different perspectives on parent coaches

Photo courtesy of Sawyer Barth.

Kiera Gill

March 10, 2017

Coaching can make or break an athlete's success. Competitors in high level sports can often have their fates determined by their relationship with their coach, and for some, this relationship is a real boost. Today, parents are not only key figures for their children and teens at home, but they ar...

Karl attends Women’s Leadership Conference

Photo courtesy of Abi Karl.

Arielle Cohen

March 7, 2017

Abigail Karl, a junior from Monmouth Beach, represented CHS at the Women's Leadership Conference on Sunday, Feb. 26. The conference was held at Monmouth University and was sponsored by Morgan Stanley. The conference consisted of a luncheon with a panel of female leaders, such as the assistant vi...

Team bonding is an important part of sports

Junior Megan Stanislowski of Wall is on her home high school's volleyball team

Emmanuella Macri

February 9, 2017

Members of sports teams are encouraged to work together during sports events, but some teams also stress the importance of team bonding outside of practices and games. Junior Megan Stanislowski of Wall plays on the Wall High School varsity volleyball team and considers her teammates some of her closes...

Junior Marie Schobel breaks record for 100 meters

Photo courtesy of Marie Schobel.

Arielle Cohen

January 1, 2017

Marie Schobel of Sea Girt, NJ broke the previous Manasquan High School record for backstroke on Tuesday, December 6. With a time of 58.33 seconds, she beat Caroline Petrone’s 2013 record of 59.04, according to Schobel has been swimming for “as long as [she] can remember,” starting when...

Female athletes still feel subtle sting of discrimination at all levels

Photo obtained through Creative Commons.

Meredith Prud’homme and Emmanuella Macri

December 22, 2016

It took women over 2,000 years to be allowed into the Olympic games according to Since then, female athletes are slowly becoming more accepted, but not everything is equal between the two sexes, even now. One of the biggest differences between women and men is the lack of recognition women...

CHS sports are a family affair

Photo courtesy of Louis Avena.

Mia Gallo

December 22, 2016

Family history and upbringings play a part in what sports students choose to pursue throughout high school and beyond. While there may not be families of the caliber of the Mannings at CHS, athleticism is definitely passed down from generation to generation in some CHS families. Some students develop...

Advanced technology has revolutionized the sports world

Online survey of 197 students on Oct. 19, 2016.

Mia Gallo

November 10, 2016

If a modern sports fan at the Super Bowl happened to miss the winning touchdown of the game, he or she would only have to wait a couple of seconds for the instant replay. But any time before 1985, this fan would have missed the pivotal moment in the biggest football game of the year. According to T...

Quitting Sports Can Be Helpful for Some

Shooting baskets is the main goal of Basketball, the sport Ferraro used to play.

Emmanuella Macri and Meredith Prud'homme

November 8, 2016

Some athletes say being a “quitter” isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to sports. Junior Victoria Ferraro of Manasquan, a former basketball player, said she made the right decision when she stopped playing. The stress of the sport was the reason she chose to end her basketball career. ...

Athletes wear protective gear to avoid injury

Senior Anthony Quattrocchi of Matawan wears shin guards when he plays soccer.

Erica Sammarco

November 8, 2016

In a survey of 89 CHS athletes on Oct. 19, 45 percent wear either glasses, contacts, braces or retainers in their games. Some athletes, like year-round runner and sophomore Colleen Megerle of Colts Neck, have to deal with both braces and glasses in sports. “I got contacts recently which are a lot o...

Lifeguarding is a popular summer sport

Courtesy of Emma Hecht

Emme Leong

September 16, 2016

Summer jobs are in high demand for teenagers who are looking to earn some spending money. But it’s difficult to find the compromise between soaking up the sun and getting a decent job. For many CHS students, a lifeguarding job provides that balance. A September survey showed that nearly 6 perc...

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