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Two is better than one: Wheeler joins forces with Clevenger as senior class advisors

Chemistry teacher Erin Wheeler joins the senior class as an additional advisor for their last year.

Isabella Ji

October 21, 2020

With coronavirus fears halting senior class advisor Ginny Clevenger from returning to CHS, chemistry teacher Erin Wheeler volunteered to be the in-school advisor for the senior class during the 2020-2021 school year. Clevenger was the sole advisor for the Class of 2021 for the past three years. ...

CHS starts in-person learning on Oct. 5

The MCVSD school district opts for a virtual September schedule after an August 28th update.  However is switching to a hybrid schedule for October.

Beatrice Karron

October 9, 2020

After seven months without students roaming the hallways of CHS, in-person classes resumed on Oct. 5 under a hybrid schedule. But with the student body divided into alternating cohorts and assigned seating in every class and even at lunch, it was anything but a “normal” first day of school. It w...

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