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Alexa! Wiretap my house

Alexa! Wiretap my house

Isabella Antoon

January 25, 2019

Filed under Features, In-Depth

If you’ve ever wondered why the advertisements on your computer are often tailored to recent websites you’ve browsed, or even things you’ve discussed with friends or family, you’re not alone. With recent rumors pertaining to the government hacking into Americans’ technology to gain information,...

Celebrities ‘sell out’ with advertisements, students understand

Celebrities ‘sell out’ with advertisements, students understand

Madeline Holobinko

March 2, 2018

Filed under Arts

From Amy Schumer's Budweiser commercials to Drake’s T-Mobile ads, celebrities partner with big name companies all the time. Whether those collaborations are considered “selling out” is something that people disagree on. “Selling out” is when celebrities exchange “their credibility for large pay...

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